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Restoring an old photo takes about two to three hours minimum. Many of our customers use our service to restore family photographs to supplement their family tree.


Retouching and cleaning tears, color casts, creases, damaged by time, replacing missing parts, removing the dominant color.

Examples of Restorations


  • Restoration photo 1

Limited Edition Photography 


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Check out this website from Abigail, she is a painter and do wonderful work for your pets :

sputnik dog painting


Hello, my name is Christian Payen.

I lived in the US for 25 years: Dallas TX, Warner Robins GA, Marblehead MA, Aspen CO, Carmel CA. I am now back in France for family reasons.
I am an autodidact avid photographer and  have chosen to capture the beauty that surround us thru photography.
I spend countless hours looking for the detail that makes all the difference.
Photography allows an escape and  an openess to the simple pleasure of the contemplation of the creation.

My work consists of 4 disciplines: Photo Restoration, Landscape, Digital painting mixed with photographs, Composition of different images and Digital Charcoal portrait.
Thank you for your visit!